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Doing Business Differently: How to Adapt to Remote Work

Let’s face it. 2020 has changed business as we know it. Teams have learned to adapt to a remote work culture, and so has TPR. We’re used to doing all of our learning and development training in-person, but we’ve had to adjust like many other businesses.

No one can predict change, but we can prepare for it. That’s why businesses must build adaptability into their processes and procedures, which is something we’ve taken the time to do. More than ever, organizations, leaders, and teams need to be adaptable. The survival of a business, especially now, relies on its ability to be flexible.

Having an agile team should be the goal, and now’s the perfect time to work on developing one.

What Remote Leadership Looks Like

Leadership right now needs to be transparent. With countless businesses becoming fully remote, teams want to know what they can expect from their leaders. And business leaders have an opportunity now to connect with their employees like never before.

No matter your title, many people are experiencing this new remote work reality, and no one has all of the answers. Leaders can lean into that. They can take this time to show some vulnerability and relatability. Employees want to know that they’re not the only ones experiencing video call fatigue and slightly enhanced feelings of isolation and stress. Leaders who confidently display vulnerability can help employees feel more at ease, increasing communication and collaboration among all team members.

The Future of Remote Work

No one knows what the future of work will be. It might be remote work for the indeterminate future, which means we have a responsibility, as leaders, to do right by the people we lead. We have to work even harder to make sure communication is happening. That doesn’t necessarily mean more meetings. People don’t want to sit in more meetings or trainings, even if they’re online. So we have to ask what our people need from us and give them that.

Are you ready to learn how to create a culture that can thrive even amid change and uncertainty (like we are facing in 2020)? Let us know - we can help.

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