At Tech People Resources, we don’t use “off-the-shelf” HR solutions with a tweak here or there to make it yours. Your business isn’t like any other, so we don’t treat it that way.


We begin by listening deeply.  We call it the TPR Discovery Process. We use it to uncover your company strengths and opportunities, your competitive environment, your current culture, your history and where you want to go in the future.

This leads to a highly personal, customized learning curriculum targeting your exact development requirements, and your specific team.

Finally, after we implement the education program with your team, you own the deliverable—you’re not buying a license or getting a version of someone else’s development tool. It’s yours, now and forever.

For future trainings, we can “train the trainer” and equip someone on your team to deliver the curriculum, or we’ll come back as often as you need us.

More Understanding, More Productivity, More Efficiency

Tech People Resources designs custom HR learning tools for the unique demands of companies in the tech industry and the challenges they face.

Some examples of the customized curriculum we've created around a wide variety of topics include:


  • Change Leadership

  • Team Engagement

  • Cultural Diversity and Inclusion

  • Leadership Pathways

  • Leadership 101

  • Nimble and Agile Leadership

  • Career Path Guidance

  • Leadership and Team Retreats

  • New Team Member Orientation

  • Coaching in the Moment

  • Non-Harassment and Discrimination

  • Gossip and Rumors

  • Sourcing and Recruitment Legalities

  • LGBTQI Workplace Solutions 




When our clients make an effort to provide learning opportunities for their leadership and teams, we like to acknowledge

and recognize those efforts with “badges of honor” for their dedication and continued culture of commitment and

investment to learning and development. 

ADAPTER is awarded when providing 1 program.  ACTIVATOR is awarded when providing 5 programs

and TREND SETTER is awarded when providing 10+ programs. 

These badges can be placed on our clients recruitment webpage as bragging rights for the excellent opportunities they provide. 

“I would recommend TPR in a heartbeat. They really listened to me and our employees when developing our training programs. It would have been easy for them to put more of a "one-size fits all" kind of thing. But they knew that was not going to work for us, and instead they developed a custom training that felt completely geared for our managers and culture.

“They also did the (almost) impossible. Typically a training of this kind would take somewhere between 4-6 months to develop. They knew my tight timeline and delivered a complete training program, including all training materials, in a 4 week period.”

-Lindsay U., Tech Security Industry​​​

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