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When talking about TPR, I often get asked, “why tech”? I have to admit, as we developed our TPR business plan, I asked the same question. After many conversations with my brilliant business partner Brent, I was able to understand that his vision boiled down to a few common core characteristics often displayed in tech companies.


 Let me give you some background.  Through Houchin Consulting, Brent worked with tech companies of varying sizes. Some so large, you would instantly recognize the name; others were on the medium to small end of the spectrum.  What he found was, no matter the size, the niche’, or the longevity, they all shared similar core characteristics that set them up for success. The underlying values and characteristics held by businesses in the tech industry aligned well with the learning and development strategies Brent knew to be successful. Through decades of experience, he came to understand that even with the best of intentions, organizational investments in learning and development produced lower return on investment in the absence of certain core organizational values.


As a perfectionist, successful outcomes for his clients matter to Brent. On a personal and professional level, he became aware that when the strategies he knew to be successful fell short, simply because the environment did not set them up for success, it left him feeling unfulfilled. With this realization, he made the only business decision that made sense. Create a business that supports companies whose organizational values create an environment ripe for successful and sustainable learning and development programs, and help them take their teams to the next level.


So what are the organizational characteristics that set teams up for next-level success? It’s pretty simple really.


A people first environment:


These companies share a collective view that the business is only as good as its people. They are determined to attract and retain top talent, and they do so by investing in their people. They embrace diversity and they seek it out. They cultivate a culture of respect. People first companies understand that diverse experiences and perspectives help keep them agile.


A forward facing culture:


Innovative, results oriented companies don’t sit still. They encourage growth and embrace change by fostering an environment of continuous learning and development. In addition to appreciating diverse experiences and perspectives, companies with forward-facing cultures invest in growing the next generation of leaders. 

Clarity and accountability:


Forward facing, people first organizations know they cannot be either, without clarity and accountability. They know that every person must be connected to the mission, vision, and strategic goals. In turn, each individual must understand how their daily work contributes to supporting them. Such clarity simplifies the process of accountability by allowing leaders to easily describe and address gaps in expectations. High performers are not left feeling over-burdened, and those who cannot find alignment, respectfully move on to a better-suited organization.


Do companies with these characteristics have all the answers? No. But the beauty is that they are completely aware of it, and committed to continuous improvement.

All of this creates the perfect space for companies to partner with TPR, and it’s where Brent’s vision of a mutually fulfilling partnership comes full-circle.


In essence, it’s not the “tech” part as much as the “people” part that drove the creation of Tech People Resources. Although tech companies are a natural fit for TPR, we’re always open to working with companies in other industries. If you think your company (tech or not) exhibits these characteristics, and wish to take your team to the next level, reach out to us via our Techpeopleresources.com contact page, by phone, or through any of our social media platforms which can be found on our website. We love to create unique, customized leadership training to support your organization and keep the best employees.


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