There’s a lot of buzz right now about the necessity to connect employees to

purpose. But what does “purpose” mean?  If you look at any version of the

definition of purpose, you’ll find something like “the reason why something

is done”, or “why something exists”. One particular definition from the

Cambridge Dictionary is “if you do something on purpose, you do it

intentionally”. I like to apply this particular definition to the topic of why it’s

crucial  to connect employees to purpose.

The reason I like the Cambridge definition, is because it speaks to intention. A lot of what I find about employee purpose connect employee purpose to personal fulfillment. I struggle with this concept as it is not necessarily tangible for the employer.  If an employer or leader feel they have to figure out how to connect each employee to personal fulfillment through their work, they are likely going to feel overwhelmed and move on to another more tangible initiative. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Connecting employee to purpose doesn’t have to be an idealistic concept. A study by Imperative and LinkedIn on the role of purpose in the workforce, found that companies who connect employees to purpose are more profitable.  The purpose-driven employee is proving to be an absolute necessity for organizational success. Thankfully, employers and leaders can take simple steps to become and stay relevant in this area. Following, are the most important initial steps to building a purpose-driven culture.

  • First, ensure that all employees know and understand the Mission and Vision of the organization. This sounds like a no-brainer, but you might be surprised to find that many of your employees and/or leaders may not find it easy to articulate your company Mission and Vision if asked. Understanding the overall reason why the organization exists is a crucial first step to creating a purpose driven environment.  

  • Second, ensure each employee understands the annual strategic goals and how they connect to the Mission and Vision. This is where the magic begins. Leaders, this isn’t rocket science. If delivered correctly by you, every employee is capable of understanding the connection between strategy and organizational purpose. Treating each employee in your organization as if they were an executive in this area, is going begin to build a sense of purpose in each employee. As we continue to drill down you will see how employee purpose connects to intention.

Next week, we will continue to discuss the initial steps necessary to build a purpose-driven organization that will help you stay relevant, attract and retain top talent, and become more profitable. We create simple customized training plans to help organizations and leaders tackle the process of building a purpose-driven culture. If you have questions or want to hear more, reach out to us via our contact page, by phone, or through any of our social media platforms which can be found on our website.

Your employees will thank you!  

The Importance of Connecting Employees to Purpose
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